The Process

A Solid Plan

No matter where you are in the process we can help. Whether your vision is sketched on the back of a cocktail napkin, or you've already engaged an architect and are ready to build, we can help you put a smart plan in place, and we know how to implement it. When plans change, we know how to adapt. Our goal is always minimum disruption to you and your family. That's why so many of our clients return, job after job, and invite us back into their homes.

The Team Build Approach

There are three key players on the leadership team for every project: your designer, your builder, and you. We assemble a unique management team for every project. That's how we consistently deliver a more responsive, attentive client experience. We have established partnerships with many of Bowling Green's most respected designers, so we can help you choose the right designer or architect, matching you with professionals who understand your vision and share your goals.

Great Communication

We're dedicated to complete transparency throughout the life of the project. Regular, on-site meetings ensure you'll never wonder what your budget is, or how your schedule stands. You'll always know where to turn with questions throughout the process. Thorough communication is not just our business philosophy; it's who we are.

The Biggest Detail of All - "The Cost"

Many homebuilders charge a fee based on what is known in the industry as “cost-plus,” which is basically a percentage of the project. Not Artisan Homes. Artisan Homes firmly believes that “cost-plus” offers no incentive for the builder to contain costs; in fact just the opposite. That is why Artisan Homes charges a pre-specified fee-for-service, one based on the time involved in the project as detailed in each project proposal, and holds to that fee no matter what the circumstances. This fee is an incentive to finish the project exactly as planned, on time and on budget – and the fees charged by Artisan Homes represent a significant savings compared to any other builder.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with a proven process that minimizes stress and achieves enhanced lifestyles for homeowners.

A new home is a dream, a new lifestyle and a new life. Celebrate its creation with Artisan Homes.

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